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I was amused to find i had to pick and install a plugin (from about 50 available) for WordPress so i could add a simple meta viewport tag to a site a few months ago - amazed to find i couldn't just type it in somewhere!WordPress
Wordpress has thousands of plugins and when we installed more than 20 plugins to perform different tasks and build functionality, the site became extremely slow. It was a new website on shared hosting and after many discussions with the hosting server support team and online research I came to know working on a Wordpress website with a lot of plugins is quite difficult on standard hostings available.WordPress
While it's easy to setup a Wordpress site it became difficult to maintain some plugins which conflict or were abandoned by the developer. In the longer run we had to change plugins and had issues with data compatibility between different plugins we used and changed.WordPress

This was a while back, but it exemplifies the problem site managers have to deal with. Postnuke has a security vulnerability and required an urgent upgrade. However, since PostCalendar didn't support this version, proceeding to the upgrade would break the calendar.

All the real features are paid and not much is available in the FREE version. I would rather go for an integrated system which has key features all websites needs without the need of any 3rd party plugins.Joomla!

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